Lumen Losses of KraftigLED Lights vs Other Brands

by kraftyadmin in News on March 31, 2018

LED Diode Output

The LM80 measures the lumen deprecation over time. The LED is tested for 6,000hrs at 55*C, 85*C and 125*C and the light drop off over time is measured. (The cromacity shift over time is also measured). When this is used with a TM21 cart (which measures the heat the LEDs are running at in a particular finished light fixture) the lifetime can be extrapolated. This is what the individual diode will do. When a Chinese manufacture says that they produce high efficiency, this is what they are referring to. This is what an LM 80 cert will provide.


227 lm/cw

Other Common Lights

130 lm/cw

Heat Loss

If the diodes are running at their maximum then they will run at a high temperature, hence high losses. Heat Loss. Most LED manufacturers aim to run the LEDs at between 85*C and 125*C so heat losses will reduce the output by more than 10% up to 15%. We run each LED at a lower current and therefore at lot cooler, we aim for less than 10*C over ambient temperature.


208.8 lm/cw (8% Loss)

Other Common Lights

130 lm/cw (10% Loss)


Standard losses through the lens of all fittings.


188 lm/cw (10% Loss)

Other Common Lights

105.3 lm/cw (10% Loss)


Losses associated with numerous diodes on a board. Copper is expensive so most people use as little as possible. We use as much as possible to dissipate heat and reduce copper losses. Competitors up to 10% and us 3-5%.


181.4 lm/cw (3.5% Loss)

Other Common Lights

94.8 lm/cw (10% Loss)

Driver Efficiency

Standard Drivers will have an efficiency of 86%. KraftigLED use Meanwell Drivers as standard as they are the market leaders.


165.1 lm/cw (9% Loss)

Other Common Lights

81.5 lm/cw (14% Loss)

Real Light Fitting Output after the Lens (Total)

This is what a LM79 would determine the efficiency to be any LED Fitting after all losses. Lifetime result, running the LEDs at high current and hot temperature reduces lifetime. This means that some competitors have lifetimes of 20,000 – 35,000Hrs whereas KraftigLED is > 120,000hrs


165.1 lm/cw

Other Common Lights

81.5 lm/cw

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